WA. L’antica arte giapponese dell’armonia

2022 – Edizione il punto d’incontro

The term “wa” can be translated as “harmony”, but it carries with it a multiplicity of meanings, the understanding of which makes it possible to grasp every aspect of traditional Japanese culture, characterized by a particular sense of beauty, patience and serenity.
The essence of Wa is perceptible everywhere in Japan and is manifested in many contexts, for example in social relations, in the management of domestic and public spaces. In this one word you can perceive the spirit of Japan, which has been strongly influenced by the principles of Buddhist philosophy in every aspect of daily life.
I explain how to get deeply in touch with the values of the most authentic Japanese tradition, introducing Wa into daily life through practices and exercises of simple application and thus enriching our daily lives with peace, beauty, harmony and well-being.
Published by Italian publisher, Edizione il punto d’incontro

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