Group lessons

Currently, Tri Yoga group lessons are held in Japanese and Italian. If you would like to take a group lesson in English, please contact us here.

Private lessons

Private lessons include Yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, Reiki and more, allowing you to customize the program to fit your needs.

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Ayurvedic Lifestyle consultation

I will guide you through your daily routine, diet, yoga, meditation and mantras, following the wisdom of Ayurveda. I hope that by incorporating Yoga and Ayurvedic Remedies into your daily life, you will be able to bring out the best in yourself and enrich your daily life.

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 Reiki Healing

Reiki is a natural healing method that connects us to the life energy of the universe and allows us to send Reiki energy to our and others’ bodies and minds through the healer’s palms, enhancing our innate ability to heal ourselves.
During the session, you will lie on your back, fully clothed, and the healer will keep his hands on each part of your body as he sends energy to you.

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Voice of the participants

Thank you Emi for lovingly guiding me into this essential, luminous and so profound new dimension through Tri Yoga practice.
Such a simple and focused practice in total attunement with being, leading to experience new states. It resonates exactly with the path, moment and our ONE beings, now seeking or put before new evolutionary stages.
Tri Yoga for me is the practice that gets straight to the point, tension, emotion, feeling, helping to let go of everything, now, making us take high consciousness through our body of the present path we are traveling regardless of how it is.
The path of life made me meet Emi, a kind soul full of light. With love she spoke to me during a Tri Yoga meeting, so I let myself be guided in the practice. The depth helped me from the beginning to emerge, to experience a new dimension, a new way; that of the awareness of the self, of all that needs to be understood, transcended and loved, of how much our body is full of information for our evolution, for a good life and useful existence. Thank you Emi for being a channel. Namaste

~ M, B

When I arrived in Padua, I felt lost. Your home, your school, the place you created became my reference point.
As time went on, that place became my refuge that allowed me to disconnect from reality, but also to face it and experience it better; a place where time stood still, a magical place.
I don’t know when it happened, but at some point I realized that place didn’t end within the four walls: that place, thanks to you, I was able to take it inside me.
Everything you do, like the space you create, whether it’s your house or a circle in the park, is just beautiful. You have the power to transform or simply emanate the beauty of that and those around you.
You are a wise person, yet not distant, because of your curiosity, true interest in others, willingness to understand, to listen, to share and help.
You have brought to perfection the art of lightness: the lightness of movement, of thought, of being in the world. Not only do you know lightness, but you know how to transmit it, lifting up those around you.
If you ask me what yoga classes are to me, they are all of these things: it is a home, a refuge, magic, beauty, study, and ultimately, lightness.
Your classes simply help me to feel better, to return to my magical space, to listen to myself better, to feel and recognize my body; they straighten me out, they open me up, they untie my knots, they ground me, they lighten me, they pamper me, they challenge me. They change my perception of time, space and the way I move in these dimensions.
It is a path that has changed my life and has now become INDISPENSABLE for me.
Thanks to you I have seen the galaxies in my body, I have seen light flowing through my veins, I have breathed colors and who knows, maybe I have even heard the trees speak.

~ M, K

I can hardly find the words to express what yoga has been for me this past year and how much it has helped and accompanied me, guided and cared for me during this very difficult period.
It is as if it was an ‘experience that I was happy to share, but at the same time it was very private, almost a precious ritual involving body and mind.
Yoga It has become from a daily morning appointment, a necessity of life that leads me to awakening on my beloved mat where I am awaiting either a meeting with myself or with Emi Onishi the teacher and fellow adventurer who greets me from Japan and guides me in the search for awareness and harmony, and of living the present as the only real moment.
Sitting and listening to the rhythm of my breath, in front of my window to the green makes me feel at peace, helps me to seek centering which I recognize as a fundamental help in facing work and relationship life with the right attitude.
For a while now, Emi has been teaching me Tri yoga. A very special new way of doing yoga that fascinates me greatly because it leads to the search for a ‘harmony of gestures and movements to which corresponds a precious peace of mind.
It makes you understand how small movements performed in a precise and careful way make a difference and take you into a very special space-time dimension, a kind of meditation in movement.
And then …. dulcis in fundo there is yoga nidra …

~ A, P