Tri Yoga ©, from which the name Trinity Yoga is derived, began as Kriyavati Siddhi, when the cosmic energy of Kundalini descended upon the body of a then twenty-four year old American woman named Kali Ray in the form of a trinity of yoga positions (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), and hand gestures (mudras).

Tri Yoga is a living, evolving yoga that continues to descend on Kali Ray’s body today.

Born from the cosmic flow, flow permeates every aspect of Tri Yoga.

The combination of relaxed wave-like movements, rhythmic pacing, and economy of motion makes Tri Yoga the most beautiful and refined form of yoga.
You can feel the overflowing circulation of nature’s energy, as if you can see the light, water, and mountains within you.

Each pure and transparent movement, energized by rhythmic breathing and delicate hand gestures, transforms into a smooth and seamless meditative flow that will lead you to a state of fine and quiet meditation.

Tri Yoga is designed to harmonize the three bodies (body, mind, and soul) and to bring awareness of being, consciousness, and bliss (sat cit ānanda).
There are no difficult poses, and even those with stiff bodies can participate without any problem.

Video Credit: Taro Koyama