Advaita Meditation

The tranquility we feel at the top of a mountain or in a forest
The silence of nature is so deep that it fills our bodies and minds with tranquility.

This silence is already there within us, but the stress of our fast-paced daily lives and our obsession with the outside world strangles the inner silence, and the senses, due to the separation of the mind and heart, are constantly searching for fulfillment in the outside world.

According to the Indian tradition of the Vedas, the separation of mind and heart is said to be the cause of suffering in modern society, and it is said that 80% of all illnesses are caused by a defect in inner silence.

It’s as if stress is controlling our lives.

Daily meditation is very important to prevent this.

Children usually emit a low frequency and live in a relaxed state of happiness, peace and joy. Conversely, the frequency of adults is high, especially when they are at work, but when they meditate, it becomes lower and their cells begin to harmonize.

Whether it is a typhoon, an atom, or a solar system, the strength of the stationary nucleus has a great impact on its activity.
The more stable the eye of the typhoon is, the stronger the wind will be.
Thus, inner stillness is the key to unlocking our full potential.

The “steady eye of the typhoon” that meditation provides will improve your daily life, and it will become your new lifestyle to move leanly, relax and do more.

Yoga Nidra
(Sursangh, a musical instrument used during Yoga Nidra)

Yoga Nidra, which means “yoga of sleep” in Sanskrit, is a kind of meditation done in a lying posture. It is said to be the “ultimate relaxation method” in which you follow the guidance of a voice while deepening relaxation of the body and mind.

During yoga nidra, the brain waves are maintained at alpha and theta levels. During these brain waves, a person is in a state suitable for healing and recovery where natural healing and restorative functions are enhanced.
This is why it is said, “Twenty minutes of yoga nidra can have the same effect as four hours of sound sleep.

” Rather than resting for a long time without releasing tension, it is better to consciously release tension even for a short period of time, so that not only physical fatigue but also brain fatigue and mental fatigue can be effectively relieved.

The sound of the Sursangh, a one-of-a-kind custom-made string instrument played during the session, will lead you to a deeper sense of peace.

Even if you are not good at sitting meditation, this will help you to enter into a state of meditation with ease.